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The Crypto News Podcast

Nov 9, 2020

ZapperFi's Chief DeFi Officer DefiDad does a decent bit of interviews himself, so I put him on the other side of the mic and get his story.

Check out his YouTube channel where he teaches people to use DeFi apps

DefiDad is a great example of someone who saw a community need, and didn't need to ask for permission.  He just did it and has gained over 25,000 Twitter followers in 2020 alone.


Follow DeFiDad and ZapperFi on Twitter.


This episode brought to you by  1inch is a decentralized exchange aggregator that sources liquidity from the top DEXs and liquidity sources to save users the maximum amount of money. 1inch finds the best possible trading paths and splits them among markets to get you the best price.

Intro and outro:  No One Really Wins by Copeland.  Buy their latest album, which is great